Write a letter to your friend about the Durga Puja festival in your country

Write a letter to your pen friend about the Durga Puja festival in your country.

My dear Bubai,
I must thank you for your account of the festivals in your country. I realized for the first time how little I know about Russia though I have read a few books about your country, notably Tolstoy and Chekhov’s short stories and Gorky’s ‘Mother’.

It came as no surprise to me that you want to know about the Durga Puja since you are unfamiliar with Hinduism and its traditions.

The Durga Puja is the most popular religious festival of the Hindu population of West Bengal. It is believed that Durga, the Mother Goddess, comes down to earth for four days in autumn to inspire us to fight with the evil forces. During these four days Durga, who is also the conqueror of evil powers, is worshipped through an elaborate ceremony. Many community ceremonies are arranged. Men, women and children dress up for the occasion. The air is filled with the fragrance of the incense burnt at the ceremony and the sound of drums.

Those who live away from their families come home. On the fourth day, after the rituals are completed, the clay image of the Goddess is immersed in a river or a lake, but the celebration continues for a few more days in an aura of amity and friendship.

How do you like our festival? Please let me know more about your country.

Yours sincerely
Tushar Mandal