Write A letter to the Panchayet Pradhan about repairing a village-road

The Panchayet Pradhan
Raipur Panchayet
Hariharpara Block

Sub: Repairing of a village-road

We, the villagers of Kashimnagar under the Hariharpara Block beg to draw your kind notice to the following fact.

The only link road between our village and the highway is in such a deplorable condition for years that we face a lot of hardship every day. And it becomes worse in every rainy season. In fact, it becomes so muddy and slippery that every passerby has fears of breaking his limbs at every step and it is naturally more risky if one has to use the road after dusk. If it is such for the adults, you can well imagine what it is for the old and the children and for patients on their way to a hospital!

Under such circumstances, we hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps for repairing the link-road to mitigate the hardship of the villagers without any further delay.

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Thanking you,
Yours faithfully