Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on water logging

The Editor
The Telegraph

Subject: Water logging in some parts of the city

Let me voice through the columns of your esteemed daily the complaint of people suffering from water logging in some parts of our city during the rains. We often hear that crores of rupees are being spent for the improvement of Kolkata to make it a megacity. But one of the major problems that is yet to be solved is water logging in some parts of the city during the rains. We are sorry to find that no integrated and carefully worked out plan of work has yet been adopted to tackle the problem. The drainage system in several areas seems to have collapsed! Whenever it rains heavily for an hour, the streets turn into streams of filthy water. Trams and buses stand motionless on the streets and commuters face great difficulties. Sometimes rain-water enters the shops and houses causing great inconvenience to people. Sometimes the open manholes under kneedeep water cause accidents.

The CMDA rarely goes beyond patchwork repairs! The authorities should take immediate action to find a permanent solution to the problem.

Yours faithfully
Manisha Banerjee