Where There is a Will, There is a Way

“Where there is a will, there is a way” is a very practical maxim. It is a message of hope and encouragement. There are two types of men in our society. One strong-minded, and the other feeble-minded. The strong ones work with a resolute will and overcome the difficulties to achieve glorious success. The feeble ones keep on building fancy castles in the air and achieve nothing. We know the way to success is strewn with numerous obstacles, but resolute minds can overcome them with perseverance.

Once Napoleon had to cross the Alps in winter. The mountain was covered with snow. Someone pointed out to Napoleon that it was impossible to cross the Alps at that time. But Napoleon gravely replied that the word ‘impossible’ was found only in the dictionary of the fools and ordered his soldiers to march on. The soldiers obeyed him and conquered the Alps. So we see there is always a way to do a thing, however difficult, provided there is will. If we make up our minds to accomplish a definite object, we are almost sure to succeed. If we make a sincere attempt and fail, there is nothing to regret. Failures are the pillars of success. We may fail once or twice, but if we work hard with determination, we cannot but be successful in the long run.

We can also remember the story of Robert Bruce and the spider where we see that Robert Bruce won the battle at the seventh time, being inspired by the spider who failed again and again to reach the ceiling of the cave, but finally achieved success by its strong determination.