Students and Social Service Essay

Students life is the formative period in one’s life, one has to store one’s mind, at this stage, with information in a variety of subjects. But it should be remembered that much more is learned from one’s experience of life than one can learn at school or college. An opportunity of rendering social service helps students to know much about life and thus to add considerably to what he has learned from his books.

Holidays and long vacations offer opportunities to students to go out to different parts of their country and be of service to their fellow-countrymen in various ways. Students and social service complement each other.

Students can, during their holidays, serve the illiterate villagers by instructing them in the three R’s and explaining to them the rules of sanitation. They can take part in the work of village uplift, under the community development plan.

Students also should be encouraged to do all they can to bring relief to the flood-stricken people. A flood brings in its train such diseases as cholera, typhoid fever, etc. Students who have some elementary knowledge of the science of medicine can often render valuable service to many by giving them cholera or typhoid inoculation and also explaining to them the principles of sanitation.

In the villages, students may help to construct roads. They can also tell the people of rural areas how to build better and more comfortable houses for themselves. Tanks in our villages are seldom kept clean, and students can help in clearing these tanks of water-hyacinth, etc.

Students can also be of immense service to the country by helping to fight scourge of famine. They can also help, during their holidays, to fight diseases that frequently appear in our country in the form of epidemics.

By rendering such social service students will come in contact with large numbers of their own countrymen. They will also gain an intimate knowledge of the life of various sections of their country’s population. They will thus acquire the spirit of service without which one’s education is bound to remain incomplete. All that they will learn from their experience of life will add to the value of the education that a school or college will impart to them.

The contact of born in the city students and villagers will not be a mere waste of many fear. There may be a pullback, for villagers are suspicious by nature. But the teacher who accompanies the team will benefit confidence. Village women will be approached through female students. Hence social service should be made an obligatory part of our education.

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Man is a social being and social service should be an essential part of man-making education as a student is not only an individual but also a member of the community. And that is why, though social service is now regarded as voluntary service, it should be treated as a compulsion in the system of education. It enables the students to know the country and the people. And thus it widens their outlook and broadens their sympathy. This makes their education complete.

There is a large scope of social service in our country and the students have also a lot of work to do in this field. They can help the people fight against poverty, ignorance, superstition, casteism and communalism. They can hold night schools for the illiterate adults and give them lessons on the three Rs in order to remove illiteracy among a large section of the masses. They can go to the slums and backward villages in order to remove bad customs and inspire to maintain the laws of health and sanitation. They can also inspire the villages to rural uplift by setting a network of rural banking through cooperative societies. There are many things which can be done without depending on the government. They can dig wells, repair bad roads and clean dirty ponds. In times of emergency such as flood, famine and earthquake, they can take an active part in bringing relief to the sufferers. In times of normalcy, they can organise cultural functions for the poor villagers, as we know, poverty is depressing but drudgery is killing. Thus the students can play a vital role in social service.

It is true that the academic studies of the students will be somewhat affected if they turn their attention to social service. But, on the whole, they will be the gainer as social service will promote their fellow-feeling, increase their love for the country, and develop their inherent leadership. Thus it will help them to know a great nation in the practical field.