Students and Politics Essay in 400 words

There is a great deal of controversy over the question: Whether students should take part in politics. Teachers and politicians, students and educationists have expressed their opinions on this point. The opinion is found to be sharply divided. Some are of the opinion that students must not take part in politics; while others opine that students should not stay aloof from politics.

Those, who support the view that students should not take part in politics, argue that the primary aim of a student is to study, to acquire knowledge with wholehearted devotion. If he takes part in politics, his mind is found to get distracted. And as a result, he fails to accomplish his primary duty. So he must keep himself aloof from politics.

There are others who opine that politics is a thing which embraces all the aspects of our life and culture. This being so, it will not be proper to ask the students to keep themselves away from politics. A student is not apart from society. He cannot live apart from society. And as such, he has got some social obligations to perform. He must know the problems and difficulties of the society he lives in; he should know the activities of the ruling party in different spheres of life, and he must also be acquainted with the political ideologies of different parties for the betterment of society.

As a member of the society, he should criticise the policies and activities of the ruling party, if he finds them detrimental to the good of society. He should uphold the political ideologies he thinks good for society. A student being a future citizen of the country should equip himself with the political knowledge of the day before entering into life.

The considered opinion seems to be that the foremost duty of a student being study, he must not get his mind distracted by meddling in active politics. Active participation in politics is undoubtedly detrimental to the best interests of a student, and, therefore, he should keep himself aloof from active politics.

But this does not mean that he should keep himself ignorant about the political affairs of the day, both national and international. There is nothing wrong in gaining knowledge – whether of politics or of mathematics. Moreover, it is desirable that a student should equip himself with a fair knowledge of the political trends of the day before entering into life. What is objectionable is that a student if often misled by crafty politicians, and thus mars his student career. He wastes the seed-time of his life and repents afterwards.