Sting Operation Essay in 300 Words

A sting operation is a necessary evil as a remedial measure for some illegal or immoral activities. It is done by hidden cameras while one is engaged in any type of corruption. Now it has become quite a craze with the people.

In our country, it started with Tehelka when a prominent political leader was caught on camera taking a bribe. The evidence was so clear that no explanation could help him to come out clear. In another operation, one was found guilty to buy MLAs for a political party. Some officers in income tax, sales tax, excise, customs, health and municipal departments were caught red-handed in sting operations. Traffic police are sometimes shown extorting money to let off the law-breaking drivers. In several jails, jail authorities are shown passing liquor bottles, mobiles, and even weapons to the hard-core criminals. Some hospital employees are shown selling life-saving drugs from hospitals. Some personnel in municipal bodies are caught involved in corruption.

However, arguments may be forwarded for and against such sting operations. Some say it exposes the evils in society and promotes public awareness. Others say it is an unethical operation and often used to blackmail people. Sometimes political parties try to settle scores with their rivals. Not only that, in law there is no right to intrude into one’s privacy. And, sometimes, it spreads the scandals and perverts the people’s taste too. In most cases, the media, especially TV channels, boost sting operations for wide publicity. And the operators who take part in sting operations may even run the risk of life to unearth the truth.

In fine, we can say that a sting operation is a powerful tool in detecting corruption and taking penal measures. But it should be used judiciously. Moreover, media should be restricted to a limit in sensational circumstances.