Short Paragraph on My Favourite Season Winter

The mutation is the law of nature and in keeping with this law of change, the seasons in West Bengal come in and go out in a cyclic order. In West Bengal, we are supposed to have six seasons—summer, the rains, early autumn, late autumn, winter and spring—having more or less two months for each season. Though this is the traditional break-up of six seasons, only four seasons appear prominently—summer, monsoon, autumn or ‘fall’, and winter.

Traditionally, winter is the fifth in the cycle of seasons in West Bengal. It follows late autumn and extends from the middle of December up to the middle of February. Nature wears a veil of mist and the sun looks pale in the morning and in the evening. But, in between, the day is bright with warm sunshine.

In the morning the dewdrops look like gems on the grass heads. But the trees shed their leaves and stand out sharply against the sky. However, the yellow mustard-fields offer a rich feast for the eyes. The season-flowers such as Marigold, Sunflower, Dahlia, Chandramallika etc. bloom profusely. Mar- kets are also rich in varieties of vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbages, etc. Thus it provides us with a dainty dish of varieties.

It is a season of festivity with day-long cricket, picnic, book-fairs and cultural functions. The ‘Nabanna’ or new rice ceremony, the Saraswati Puja and the Christmas come in this season. However, it is rather hard on the poor for want of warm clothing, But once winter has come, spring cannot be far behind.