Short Essay on Student Unrest in India

One of the greatest problems which our country is facing today is the problem of growing indiscipline among the students. The unrest among students is not only confirmed to India but is a global phenomenon. In India, the student unrest has assumed alarming proportions. This, if not checked, will eat into the very vitals of our national health. The prevalence of the mood of despondency and dejection among the students is, but the reflection of general dissatisfaction and discontentment prevailing among the masses.

As to why the mass of our students are resorting to acts of violence and rowdyism needs a sedulous study. Daily we hear about students going on rampage and arson, stone-throwing and brick batting. This action of their’s results in the ruthless repression by the police personnel who make them the targets of their bullets and bayonets. We hear closure of the universities, gheraos of Vice-Chancellors and beating of professors by students. All this is really a sorry state of affairs. And behind this orgy of violence let loose by the students, is the plethora of grievances and demands of the students. The inability of the authorities both public and academic results in students indulging in the acts of hooliganism and resorting to strikes and demonstrations.

The community of students complains that higher tuition fees which their parents can’t afford to pay are charged. They also complain against ill-equipped libraries and laboratories; improve admission facilities; overcrowded classrooms; inadequate and inefficient staff; the medium of instruction; in a foreign language which they cannot understand; absence of vocational education policy and teacher-taught relationship. All of these causes are heavily responsible for diverting the attention of the students from their primary objectives.

Most of the students fail in English which is a foreign language. As the late Dr Ramdhari Singh Dinkar once remarked, “We are killing our students at the cross of English language.”

Students are the pillars of a country’s progress. They have a tremendous reservoir of energy and if it is channelized in the proper direction, it can work miracles; if misdirected and frittered away, it can spell disaster. The answer to their violent expressions is not bullet or lathi-charge. They have to be tackled in a different manner, We cannot use the same stick for crushing goondas and students. Students are the bedrock of our country’s progress. Only redressal of their grievances can put an end to the vicious circle of student unrest.