Seasons in Tripura Essay

Tripura is a land of forests, rivers, hills and scanty plains. But nature seems to bless the whole land with varied beauty in her successive seasons. It has some special features in comparison with its adjacent neighbours—West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Assam.

Summer in Tripura is a very dry season. It comes first and extends from early April up to the middle of June. In this season the sun shines very hotly and people suffer from unbearable heat. The rivers, big and small, which run through it become mostly dry. The hills look angry and the forests look gloomy. But with the advent of the rainy season, the hills have a splash-bath and the forests begin to sprout new leaves and quickly change their apron. Monsoon also helps to cool the heat of summer. It is also the season of cultivation. The slim rivers become full to the brim and rush downward with tremendous speed. Sometimes the ferocity of the downpour causes woes to the people. Yet it is also the season of excellent jack-fruits and pineapples for which Tripura is so famous.

Autumn comes next and lasts till early November. Small patches of clouds sail across the blue sky and flowers of various colours blossom all around. People celebrate many colourful festivals this season. The maidens dance and sing and gladden the heart of Tripura.

Autumn is followed soon by winter. It is a short-lived season but it is severe in its intensity in the hilly regions of Tripura. It is rather hard on the poor for want of adequate warm clothing. But once winter has come, spring cannot be far behind. It is actually the transition from winter to summer. In this season the famous flowers of Tripura, the ‘Keshia’ and ‘Krishnachura’ blossom with their blood-red petals and it appears that the hills have caught fire in the sun!!

Thus different seasons adorn Tripura with their special features throughout the year and make this small hilly state so lovely and loving to its people. The seasons of Tripura also render a social impact in the lifestyle of the Tripuris in harmony with the vibrant Nature around them.