Essay on Recollections of Childhood

Sweet are the recollections of the childhood days. These are wrapped up in the warmth of glowing affections bestowed in profuse measure by parents, grandparents and other near and dear ones. An innocent child remains untouched by the worries and anxieties that trouble the grown-ups.

I cannot remember much of my childhood days. Early recollections of childhood memories are somewhat obscure to me. I can just remember the first year of my life. I mostly spent the days either crying or sleeping, as all babies do. The only memorable bliss was my mother’s lap. A year later, I began walking around the floor of our house. I can well remember my first attempt at taking a few steps and then stumbling awkwardly. I also remember how my old grandmother used to fondle me. In the evening I used to sit by her side and listen to stories of fairies, princes and princesses, demons and ghosts with rapt attention. Grandma told the tales in such a way that sounded real and true to me. I didn’t go to kindergarten because my mother wanted to bring up her children by herself. However, I learned many things from her. She taught me reading and writing, some music, and a little bit of English from picture books. My grandma taught me rhymes and children’s songs. Dad was very fond of me. He couldn’t rebuke me when I turned his laptop out of order while playing with it. I always eagerly waited for his returning from office to home.

My later recollections of childhood are coloured with my grandpa and the friends of the neighbourhood. Grandpa was my beloved companion who made me acquainted with our beautiful natural environment. As a child, I lived amidst the surroundings where flowers bloom in abundance, birds sing in glee, cloudlets hover over our heads. I will never forget the playground which was behind our house. I used to play there with my friends when I was a little kid. Musical performances were occasionally held in our family. As I was the youngest child of my parents, every one of my family loved me very much. They never beat me, even when they were angry. Whenever I did any wrong, my mother only said, “Behave child, or I’ll be angry.” We enjoyed several kinds of games as hiding and seek, gossiping and singing our favourite and playing some music.

When I turned five years old, I first went to school. It was a new life for me. I made friends with many boys and girls there. I enjoyed their company very much. My teachers loved me. I was never afraid of them and they never beat or scolded me. I used to read my lessons every day, though I was somewhat afraid of maths. However, I was fond of storybooks. I read the stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. They have left a deep impression on me. Sometimes my eyes fill with tears when I read about the sufferings of Seeta in the Ramayana and Karna in his pitiful yet glorious death in the battlefield of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata. In the meantime, my grandmother grew very old. She died when I was ten years old. I loved her very much. Sometimes mother scolded me for doing some mischief. But my grandmother shielded me. I was quite safe there. So I felt great sorrow at her death. This is a sad recollection of my childhood.

And now I know I have to go for miles in life. But I don’t like the rat race. There will be weal and woe, smiles and tears. Yet, as my father says, will take all these elements as the essential parts of this wonderful life.