Reality Show on TV Essay

Reality show is the recent innovation on Indian TV. It is a catchy event based on new ‘out-of-the box ideas.

Such reality shows have two basic features. The first is an interaction with the audience having a participative role through the voting system. Secondly, it serves great influence on our emotional chord which is no less a cause of its success.

Reality shows give opportunities for young aspirants to have a show of their talents on TV channels. Thus both the aspirants and the TV channels gain popularity and wide publicity including lucrative advertisements. Shows such as “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” on Zee TV, ‘EK phone EK Lakh’ on Channel 10, etc. encourage the young boys and girls to dream and assist to tum their dreams into reality.

However, reality shows bring with them some problems as well. The viewers who very often get glued to watch these shows become addicted to it. Sometimes it is both painful and ludicrous to see the stage-managed agreements and disagreements, cheers and tears on the screen. Too much

involvement leads to physical and mental pressure on both the viewers and the participants. Children who are engaged in such reality shows are often diverted from their regular studies. Long hours of practice, provocative dances and dresses, and demeaning gestures often rob the children of their childhood. Even those who watch these shows may be tempted to behave or speak likewise or even try dangerous stunts accordingly. Thus the reality shows may exert a negative impact on their soft minds. Hence several organizations that uphold child rights, protest against the involvement of children in such reality shows.

To conclude, we must say that these reality shows are a mixture of good and bad dishes. Moreover, such reality shows have come under a lot of criticism as they sometimes bear doubts about the authenticity of the voting system, the method of selecting the winners and the reality behind the so- called reality shows.