Prosperity Gains Friends Adversity Tries Them

‘Prosperity gains friends adversity tries them’ — It is a wholesome proverb. It reveals the great truth about our associations. We see that friends gather around us when we are in prosperity. They can share our richness, happines, and luxury and that is profitable to them.

But when we face adversity, most of those friends leave us as they cannot find any worldly profit from us at that time.

Rather, they are afraid that we may seek some sort of help from them. They are like weather-cocks and face the favourable wind.

In this situation, we can recognize who are our true friends and who are false friends. We should know that our life is not a comfortable bed of roses for ever. It is mixed with weal and woe. It is the plan of God.

Prosperity often makes us luxurious and proud. Adversity makes us patient and diligent. Prosperity makes us callous to others’ suffering. Adversity makes us modest and sympathetic.

Hardships brings our inner strength and forms our character.