Prevention is Better than Cure

‘Prevention is better than Cure’ — It is wiser to avoid a disease by following a healthy measure than to succumb to it and then seek remedies. Moreover, prevention is less costly than cure.

Figuratively, the maxim is applicable in a broader sense, Human life is entangled with numerous difficulties. And, therefore, every conscientious man should try to avoid them as much as possible and leave a peaceful life.

We know man is distinguished from the lower animals by his power of reasoning. He has the power of foresight and can utilise it for his own benefit. It would be foolishness to incite difficulties, and, then try to overcome them. Instead of awaiting and facing the troubles, it is better to be on the safe side.

Hence, what we need is just to calculate the difficulty and adopt some means to avoid it. Life is short, and, if a considerable part of it is taken up in inviting troubles and then curing them, how will man manage to live a life worth the name? Economy is the law of the day, and it must be applied to every aspect of life.

If the above principle is strictly and faithfully followed, much physical and mental suffering can be avoided, and a considerable amount of expense need not be incurred.