Man and Machine Essay For Students

Now we live in the age of technology. At every step of our life, we enjoy the gifts of technology. God has blessed man with a wonderful brain and with this brain he has invented a number of techniques. The sum total of these techniques is what we call technology. The Oxford Reference Dictionary, however, defines technology as ‘the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes’.

The primitive man could only invent some techniques to make some useful tools made of stone. Then the age of bronze and iron appeared. And then after a long process of evolution, we have got complex machines, matching the very tempo of our life. By the knowledge of technology, man invented new appliances and applied new techniques to do wonderful things in almost every walk of life.

Thus, in the present-day civilization, machines are serving us like slaves. They have relived much of our stress of irksome works and made our life easy and enjoyable. Machines like crane can lift heavy loads. Some machines can produce goods in large scale. Technological invention like computer has taken over plenty of work of the human brain. It has brought speed and accuracy in our work. The modern age is relying more and more on computers. But such dependence on machine and technology is bound to make a man more and more mechanical. And its result is that nowadays a modern man behaves mechanically with others. Over-dependence on machines has made his heart hard and devoid of finer sentiments and his body incapable of physical labour. In the mad pursuit of material prosperity, man has been gradually losing his human and humane qualities. We see that technology has not only invented a robot but has turned a man into a robot in some cases.

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Machines have encroached upon man’s mental peace and he has become a victim of stress and strain. Moreover, machines have aggravated the problem of unemployment. At present man finds it difficult to cope with the speed of technology invented by him. It is also an irony—machines that should be his slaves, have today turned him into their slaves!!

But technology should not be blamed for this. It is not the fault of technology but of its users. Modern man should take up this challenge and bring a balance in his lifestyle. Machines must not be allowed to be the masters of man robbing him of the very charms of life. We must remember that science and technology as a whole is a good servant, but a bad master.