Letter to the editor about insanitary condition in our locality

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Sub : Insanitary Conditions

I, on behalf of the residents of Rijouri Chowk Extension have to bring to public notice the insanitary conditions prevailing in our locality In the absence of proper arrangements of sanitation our locality has become a store-house of filth and dirt. The streets remain unswept for weeks together and rubbish is allowed to gather in heaps at street corner, emitting foul odours. Drains, too, have not been cleared for quite a long time. The result is that they are choked with rubbish and dirty water has accumulated therein. These drains have become a breeding place for flies and mosquitoes.

We have brought these things to the notice of the area Health Supervisor but with no result. If immediate steps are not taken in this connection, the conditions are sure to become a serious threat to the health of the residents of this locality.
Yours faithfully
Jinarul Mandal