Letter to the editor about contradicting report published earlier in the newspaper

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi

Sub: A malicious report

We, the students of Rajaram College, Tikamgarh, are shocked to read the report published in your esteemed paper day before yesterday on the situation in the college. The report is malicious and, we are afraid, motivated by ill-will. There was no misbehaviour or ragging towards any newcomer. Of course, we had cut some innocent jokes with the newcomers. But that was not ragging in any form as it is against our long-cherished tradition.

It is really painful to find that a responsible newspaper like yours can publish such a false report based on guesswork. Why were the Principal, the Hostel Superintendent, the Secretary of the Students’ Union, and some inmates of the hostel not interviewed by your concerned reporter!! Surely, he owed it to us!! What is more painful is that you go to the length of carrying an editorial note on the alleged incident naming our institution. Fair journalism demands that you publish this letter in protest of that baseless report.

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Yours faithfully
Sanjay Joshi
Student’s Union