How to write applications for jobs (With Sample)

Applications for jobs or employment play a vital role in one’s life. When applying for a job, the applicant should know that the prospective employer may take the style and manner of the application into consideration when choosing from the candidates.

Here we give you certain important points which must be borne in mind while applying for a job :

(a) The salutation must be Sir or Madam (not Dear Sir or Dear Madam). [If the Addressees are Messrs of a company, then the salutation should be Sirs]

(b) The subscription must be Yours faithfully or Yours truly, and not Yours affectionately.

(c) The name and address of the applicant should always be given at the end (not at the top right-hand corner).

(d) Remember that the immediate objective of your application is not to secure the job but to get the scope of an interview. Hence the concluding part should bear the immediate objective of your application in the manner of asking for the privilege of an interview.

(e) Give the complete particulars, as desired by the prospective employer, preferably in a separate bio-data (also called C.V.—curriculum vitae—vital information) enclosed with your letter.

(f) Avoid stereotyped sentences in the closing like ‘Hoping for the favor of your selecting me for the post’ etc. Instead, you may write, ‘May I hope to get an interview call from you for testing my ability for the post?’

(g) Avoid any grammatical or spelling mistakes and use correct punctuation marks. Any such mistake will leave a bad impression of you.

(h) The style of writing should be polite but straightforward.

(i) The application should be in good hand-writing or should be typed neatly and clearly. Erasure, over-writing, etc. should be avoided. ) Always send the original typed copy and not the duplicate copy.

(k) Do not send cyclostyled applications.

(l) Give references and testimonials if needed. But be sure that you have asked the persons under reference to use their full names.

(m) Enclose the copies of your testimonials with your application.

Physical appearance of the job application

An application for a job or employment should produce a favourable impression in the mind of the prospective employer. The following physical aspects are to be considered:

(a) Paper: A letter paper of good quality should be used. If cheap paper is used, it is likely to create a poor opinion of the applicant.

(b) Typing : A neatly typed application is certainly pleasing and tells the prospective employer that the candidate does everything with care.

(c) Margin : Margin space on both sides of the text of the letter makes the letter attractive. It should have a reasonable width—may be an inch— on the sides, and an inch each at the top and at the bottom.

(d) Folding: The letter should be folded properly with the minimum number of folds, so that the envelope does not bulge out. Folding should be done to just fit the size of the envelope.

(c) Envelope : The size of the envelope should be commensurate with that of the letter paper.

It should be remembered that every employer appreciates truthfulness and loyalty above your qualifications. If you are not true to yourself, even if you are appointed, you cannot hold your post for long.

However, there are two types of Job Applications :

(a) Application in general form which includes the particulars in the body of the application in a statement form.

(b) Applications in a tabular form in which the bio-data is included in the body of the application or enclosed in a separate piece of paper.

Type I—Application in General Form

The Secretary
……………..High School

Sub: Application for the post of an assistant teacher in deputation vacancy


In response to the advertisement in The Statesman dated 14.11.2020 for the post of an Assistant teacher in History in deputation vacancy in your school, I beg to offer my candidature for the same.

As regards my educational qualifications, I beg to state that I passed the Madhyamik Examination in the First Division and Higher Secondary Examination in the Second Division in 2008 and 2010, respectively, from Baruipara H.S. School. I graduated with First Class Honours in History in 2013 from Kalyani University and secured 72 per cent marks in the Honours subject. I have completed the B.Ed. course in 2014 and been placed in the First Class—securing 65 per cent marks.

Now I am working in a High School in deputation vacancy and its duration will be completed by the 15th of this month.

Iam now 29 years of age (Date of birth—5 January, 1991), I possess good school and college records as a sportsman and I am keenly interested in co-curricular activities such as drama, debate and recitation.

Attested copies of certificates, mark-sheets and testimonials are attached here with.

I can assure you that you will find me a dedicated teacher if selected for the post.

I am eagerly waiting for an interview from your end.

Yours faithfully
XYZ (Own Name)

Please note that if you put your particulars in the text or body of your application proper, try to avoid abbreviations. Use per cent for %, Honours for Hons., First and Second for 1st and 2nd. Class and Divisions must begin with capitals.

Type II—Application in a Tabular Form

The Personnel Manager
Asansol Division

Sub: Application for the post of clerk-cum-typist

With reference to your advertisement in The Telegraph dated November 14, 2020 for the posts of 20 clerk-cum-typists in your office, I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the same, My bio-data is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.


Name : Rakesh Kumar
Father’s Name : Prabhat Kumar
Date of Birth : 17 April, 1991
Academic Qualifications :

H.S.H.S. Council, W.B.2007II52%
B.Com.Burdwan University2010Distinction62%

Professional Qualifications: Completed one year’s course in Shorthand and Typewriting. Speed in typewriting—45 words per minute. Also certificate in DTP.

Experience : Working in a private company for one year.

Should you favour me with an opportunity, I shall spare no pains to serve you up to your satisfaction.

Dated, Raina,
Yours faithfully
Rakesh Kumar

Enclosures : (a) Attested photocopy of Madhyamik Certificate containing date of birth.
(b) Attested photocopies of Madhyamik, H.S., B.Com. mark-sheets and computer certificates, etc.

Example: A job application in response to an advertisement in a newspaper for the post of a depot.

The Advertiser,
Box No. 1574,
The Statesman,

Sub : Application for the post of a depot assistant

In response to the advertisement in The Statesman, I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the post of a depot assistant in a milk depot in the Kalighat area. My bio-data is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal :


Name : Sanjay Joshi
Father’s Name : Bhupendra Joshi
Date of Birth : 22.04.1990
Academic Qualifications : Madhyamik—2nd Div
Employment Exchange Card : [No. and Date of the card]

I hope that you will favour me with an interview at an early date.

Yours faithfully
Sanjay Joshi

Job Applications for Various Posts

(1) Applications for various posts are usually invited through advertisements in leading newspapers notifying vacancies of posts.
(2) Sometimes applications are invited from the candidates sent through the Employment Exchange, School or College Service Commission, etc.
(3) Applicants can also apply for a job based on information acquired from a reliable source.

Hence the beginning of an application for a job may vary according to the nature or source of intimation.

Now Draft Your Own Applications

Applications for different jobs may take any of the following forms :

Start your application

  • In response to your advertisement in The Hindusthan Times/The Times of India/The Statesman/The Telegraph dated….. for the post of… your company/establishment.
  • Being informed by the local Central Employment Exchange I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the post of……in your institution.
  • Going through the Employment News/the information sent by the College Service Commission that a situation of a Lecturer in…… (subject) is lying vacant in your college, I would like to be considered for the post.
  • Having learned from reliable sources that you wish to appoint a Mechanical Engineer, I would like to offer my candidature for the same post.
  • From a circular issued by your office, I came to know that the post of a Draftsman is lying vacant in your office. I beg to offer my candidature for the post.

The middle part of the applications for various jobs :

In the middle part of the application, you should tell clearly about yourself including age, health, educational qualifications, experience, if any, etc. But you should bear in mind that the information should be relevant and useful to the employer in judging your application.

Here we give you different samples of the middle part for different job applications :



Name :
Father’s Name :
Date of Birth :
Academic Qualifications :


Note: Space for filling up by the candidate experience, if any :

  • Now I am working in a High School on a deputation vacancy.
  • I know the syllabus thoroughly, having been engaged in giving private tuition to high school students for one year/two years, etc.
  • I have good school and college records in games and sports./I am keenly interested in co-curricular activities such as drama/ debate/ singing, painting/ recitation.


  • I passed the M.A. Examinations (in English/Bengali/History etc.)/ M.Sc. Examinations (in Physics/Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Zoology/Botany etc.) from…… University securing 55 per cent/60 per cent/65 percent marks etc. in the year [or, bio-data in a tabular form].
  • Apart from having a good academic record, I have also published papers in literary/science journals like……..

Private Tutor

  • l am a First Class/Second Class Arts/Science/Commerce graduate of University and I know the High School syllabus well enough as I have been engaged in giving private tuition for the last five years.
  • As I have been working as a para-teacher in English/Mathematics/ Physics/Chemistry etc. in a High School, I am quite familiar with the school syllabus.
  • I can coach your son/daughter in…… (subject) as I am a First Class/ Second Class graduate in that subject. I have full confidence in ensuring the progress of your son/daughter as I am fond of teaching.


  • I have graduated in Library Science from…… University in the year……
  • I am fully conversant with the library system including classification and cataloging of books and periodicals. I am also familiar with the modern methods of copying and microfilming documents.

Copy-writer in Advertising Agency

  • I have completed a correspondence course in advertising from …………. I have made a special study of the copies of the leading advertisers. I have a special knack for producing a forceful copy of any product. I also have a working knowledge of layouts.


  • I am a Bachelor of Arts with English/Bengal/Hindi as a compulsory subject. I possess a sound knowledge of proof-readir.g and can check proofs without omissions.
  • I am very particular about spellings and know all the signs of proofreading.
  • I am also familiar with the various type-faces of traditional type-setting as well as modern laser printing and offset printing. I am also familiar with the different sizes of book pages and magazine layouts and typography.


  • After graduation, I have completed the diploma course in Journalism from ……….. (name of the University).
  • Besides my mother tongue, which is Bengali, I can speak and write English and Hindi and know Russia as well.
  • I can cover U.P., Bihar, and the North-Eastern Region since I know the languages of these regions.
  • Moreover, I am well acquainted with the teleprinter.


  • Apart from having a good academic record I also have a diploma in Journalism from… University.
  • I was the editor of the students’ magazine in both college and university.
  • I have been working as a Reporter/Sub-Editor with The Telegraph/ The Times of India, etc. since ………..
  • I possess good health and I am ready to work night shifts.

Private Secretary/P.A.

  • I am an Arts/Science graduate with Distinction marks/with Honours in ……. (subject)/M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. from …. University. [or, bio-data in a tabular form]
  • Although I have no previous experience, I am hardworking and painstaking with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Although I am working in the same capacity in …. (the name of the establishment), yet I would like to apply for joining your company as, I think, it offers greater scope for my abilities.
  • I have been working as P.A. to the Director of …….. (name of the establishment) for the last one year/two years/three years, etc. and I am fully confident of proving my ability as a competent Private Secretary/P.A. to your officer (Manager/Managing Director, etc.).

Personnel Officer

  • Apart from having had a uniformly good academic career up to post-graduate level, I have completed a correspondence course in Personnel Management from…. (name of the institution)
  • l am conversant with the modern techniques of personnel management.
  • I have had one-year ‘s/two years’ experience as Assistant Personnel Officer in a Private Enterprise/Public Sector undertaking.


  • Apart from having had a bright academic career, I completed M.B.A. from ……… (name of the institution) securing 62 percent marks in the year ………. [Preferably bio-data in a Tabular form]
  • I can manage the general administration and Board Meetings competently.
  • I possess one-year ‘s/two years’/three years’ experience as an Assistant Manager in …… (the name of the establishment)

Clerk-cum Typist

  • As regards my educational qualifications I beg to state that I passed the Madhyamik Pariksha/School Final Examination/Higher Secondary Examination/B.Com. in the First Division/Second Division in 2003/ 2004/2005 etc. from ……. (name of the Board/University). [Preferably bio-data in a tabular form]
  • Though I am not quite acquainted with the office work, I have some knowledge of filing and book-keeping.
  • I can type at a speed of 55 words per minute. I can also serve the computer as needed.
  • I have also completed a short-hand course/have been attending a short-hand course and it will be completed by the end of this month.
  • I was awarded a prize for good handwriting at school.
  • I am hard-working and painstaking and can work with responsibility.


  • I graduated in Arts/Science/Commerce with Distinction/with Honours in English/History etc. from …….. (name of the University) in …… (year).
  • My speed in short-hand and typing are 130 and 60 per minute, respectively.
  • I am good at English/skilled in English and can manage correspondence on proper guidance. I can also work in a secretarial capacity if needed.

Accountant/Accounts Assistant/Cashier

  • I am a Commerce graduate with 55 per cent/60 per cent/62 percent marks from …….. University.
  • I possess good knowledge of Accountancy, Auditing, Income-Tax Law, and Company Law.
  • I am fully acquainted with Bookkeeping and Billing etc.
  • I can also draw up Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts.
  • I can also do invoicing and tabulation work etc.
  • If it is required to deposit a sum of money for the post of the cashier, I am ready to do so to a reasonable extent.


  • My plans and blueprints in this job have been appreciated by my present employer for accuracy and overall perspective.
  • I have five years’ experience in this job and, I believe, I can satisfy your need.


  • I have completed a Junior Polytechnic course with credit this year.
  • I am keenly interested in going through an apprenticeship in your concern.
  • The stipend you offer during the apprenticeship period is acceptable to me.


  • I have completed my graduation/passed the H.S. examination in 2005 and I have gone through one year’s training in store-keeping.
  • I have fairly good knowledge of handling and recording stocks.
  • I am acquainted with the theory and practice of storekeeping.
  • I can assure you I shall try my best to discharge my duties assigned to me as a store-keeper.

Telephone Operator/Receptionist

  • I have completed six months’ training for telephone operators and receptionists from ….. (name of the institution).
  • I can speak English, Bengali, and Hindi fluently.
  • I can handle the telephone keyboard and can operate both internal and external exchanges competently.
  • Moreover, I possess a pleasing personality and a well-modulated voice and can handle all inquiries on the telephone.

Computer Operator

  • I have completed IT, DTP, and FA courses in the training center organized by the Youth Welfare Dept. of the Govt. of West Bengal.

Labour Welfare Officer

  • I am a Bachelor of Arts with Social Science as my combination subject.
  • I have also taken a Labour Welfare course at ……….. (name of the institution).
  • Though my mother-tongue is Bengali, I can speak Hindi and English fluently and I also know Assamese and Oriya.
  • l am conversant with labour and factory rules and I have the requisite training as provided under the Factory Act.

Advertising Manager

  • I have obtained a Diploma in Advertisement Management from …… (name of the institution).
  • l am fully acquainted with block-making, laser printing, offset printing, and various other production techniques.
  • Moreover, I have close personal contacts with all major advertising agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Sales Manager

  • I have completed my M.B.A. course from I.I.M., Joka,/Calcutta University this year, [Or, a Bio-data in a tabular form]
  • Besides being a commerce graduate I have taken a diploma in Business Management and Control and other subjects related to sales.
  • I am conversant with the modern methods of publicity, public relations, and advertising—the prerequisites for promoting sales.

Traveling Salesman/Sales Representative

  • I am a Science graduate and I am keenly interested in the traveling job of a medical representative.
  • I know how to deal with people and can speak English, Bengali, and Hindi as required by you.
  • I possess a good physique which is essential for such a job as a traveling salesman/sales representative.

Shop Assistant

  • I have passed the Madhyamik/School Final/HS. Examination.
  • I possess sound health and a pleasing personality.
  • I am hard-working and painstaking.
  • I can speak Bengali and Hindi fluently.
  • I feel keen interest in dealing with customers.

Hotel Manager

  • I have completed the course of Hotel Management from ……. (name of the institution) in 2011/2012.
  • I have three years’ experience as an Assistant Manager in a reputed Three Star/Five Star Hotel (name of the Hotel) in Kolkata/Mumbai/ Delhi.
  • Besides my mother tongue Bengali, I can speak English and Hindi fluently and I have some elementary knowledge of French, Japanese and Chinese.
  • I am well conversant with all aspects of hotel management — from daily menus of breakfast, lunch, and dinner to security, and from public relations to arranging for the comfort and care of boarders.
  • Moreover, I am competent in handling foreign guests and tourists in the hotel.

Hotel Cook

  • I have obtained a diploma in cooking and catering from ……. (name of the institution).
  • Besides, I have five years’ experience in cooking in ……. (name of the hotel).
  • I can prepare Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes.
  • I can also prepare meals for a large number of people at a very short notice.


  • After acquiring sufficient training in driving I have obtained the necessary driving license from the competent authority (name of the authority).
  • I have never violated traffic rules.
  • In the seven years of my driving career, I have never met with an accident.
  • I have fairly good knowledge of the parts of automobiles and I can carry out minor repairs as and when necessary.
  • I am ready to give a trial on-demand.


  • After graduation, I completed one year’s training in Nursing from ……. (name of the institution) and now I am a registered member of the Trained Nurses’ Association of India.
  • I have also obtained a diploma in First Aid and Hygiene.
  • My service has been generally appreciated by my superiors during my training.
  • I can undertake both medical and surgical nursing and I have a special aptitude for nursing children and aged persons.
  • I would be prepared to accept night duty when necessary.

Publicity Officer/P.R.O.

  • Having completed a post-graduate course in journalism, I have gone through a correspondence course in Publicity and Public Relations from …… (name of the institution).
  • I am also conversant with all publicity media Press, Radio, and TV.

Air Hostess

  • I have completed all necessary training for an ideal Air Hostess.
  • I can speak English and Hindi fluently.
  • I have a pleasing personality as desired by you in the advertisement.
  • I am unmarried and ready to undergo any vocational aptitude and medical test that may be necessary for the profession.

Now close your application

  • I am confident that I shall be able to discharge my duties to the entire satisfaction of the authority.
  • I am eagerly waiting for an interview from your end.
  • I look forward to the opportunity of an interview.
  • I trust you will consider my application favourably and grant me an interview.
  • I would appreciate an interview for the opportunity to give you more details about myself.
  • I shall be grateful to you for a call to interview at your convenience/at any time convenient to you. A self-addressed and stamped envelope is enclosed.
  • Now we see there are many possible variations for the beginning, the middle part, and the ending of applications for different types of jobs. The alternatives in the three parts of the application-supplied here should serve for models.

Acceptance letter for a job

The President

Sub: Acceptance of the appointment

With reference to your letter No ….. dated ……vide C.S.C. letter No……. dated ……… I have pleasure in accepting your offer and confirm that I shall join your college as a Lecturer in History on and from 1.09.2020.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

Joining Report on the first day of appointment

The President,
………. College

Sub: Joining Report

With reference to your letter No. ……. dated …….. I have commenced work in your college as a Lecturer in History on 1st September 2020, at 11 a.m. My age on this date of appointment is ……… as my date of birth is ………. according to my …….. certificate.

This may kindly be treated as my Joining Report.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully