How to clean the utensils and other homeopathic appliances

Glasses and bottles should be repeatedly washed before they are being used. They should be kept under cold, ordinary or rain water in a big bucket for hours together and by means of a hard brush all the filths that have been accumulated inside the glass bottles or phials should be removed carefully and then by washing them again and again with the cold water and applying soft brush remaining dirt should be removed. They should again be washed with distilled water and after letting out the water they should be dried at a high temperature and then a small quantity of dilute alcohol should be poured into the phials. The cork should be washed with same kind of alcohol.

All utensils should be washed immediately after the use. Porcelain vessels should be washed first with hot or boiling water, and then with distilled water and dried at a high temperature.

The press should be separated and washed first with cold water and then with hot water and thoroughly dried. The mortars and pestles should be first washed with cold water, then with hot water and wipped till they are perfectly dry, and then at last a quantity of alcohol should be burnt in the mortar.

Note: Strictly speaking mortars and pestles once used for preparing. One drug should not be employed for the preparation of any other drugs. But in the general practice, pharmacists has to cleanse the mortars and pestles, at first with hot water and then with cold water and rubbing the surface with wet sand and glassing with hard and soft glass and after mercurial preparations with nitric acid.

Source: Dr.N.K. Banerjee and Dr.N. Sinha