Essay on Fast Food / Junk Food a Health Hazard

Modern life is a fast life. It is always in a hurry, always looking for short-cuts for saving time and energy. It is reflected even in our food habit. We are no longer interested in a proper meal. It is much more convenient to take a pizza or a burger, an egg-roll or a dish of Chowmin or Maggi. Eat a pizza and wash it down with a Coke or a Pepsi. No messing up. No more than a few materials. Fast food is easy to cook in a short time and it is also convenient to take though it carries a long-term risk of health hazards.

Bad effects of fast food/Junk food

But we should see the bad effects of fast food. Increased intake of fast food hampers our normal food habit and creates a vicious cycle in the body. Scientific study has exposed that fast food is usually rich in fats and salts and also high-calorie. It is so tasty and quick to finish that consuming fast food easily tends to be addictive. If one gets hooked to it, it is difficult to give it up in spite of strong warnings that it is unhealthy. The high calories and fat are taken with fast-food are piled up in the body and lead to obesity. Moreover, it promotes several diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, high blood pressure and heart disease. It may also impair the brain function, such as lack of concentration and loss of memory. It may put undue strain on the liver too. Excessive consumption of soft drinks leads to osteoporosis, tooth decay and damage to the kidney.

Fast food and children

Children in urban areas, especially in the middle class and well-to-do families, are very fond of fast food. First, the adults introduce the children to each food; next, the children get easily addicted to it, and the whole family in turn. And this food habit causes disorder in the balance of hormone secretion, malnutrition, obesity and various health hazards.


Finally, we can say that fast food may be acceptable occasionally but not as a habit. And so excessive consumption of it must be restricted.