An essay on Why do We love Books

In our society, we have friends and foes. Even so-called friends can cheat us in times. But books are our never-failing friends. We know that the cheats deceive us in order to satisfy their selfish greed. But the books have no such selfish intention. Now the question is, why do we love books?

A book is a storehouse of knowledge. “The true university in our days is a collection of books”, said Carlyle. Some of the finest and most cultured persons, like John Keats, Robert Browning, Rabindranath Tagore, Michael Faraday—educated themselves in this way. Those who can read books are lucky indeed because they can acquire knowledge at their sweet will by their right choice of books. A reader of books forgets his worries for the time being and finds pleasure from it. Money cannot buy peace of mind. Power cannot heal our sorrows. Books can when all others fail. From this point of view, a book is our best friend. Moreover, a book can work as the windows to the world outside. The books on travelling can take us into the jungles of Africa, to the desert of Sahara, to the top of Everest or to the ice-fields of the Arctic. And all the while we can relax in bed or an armchair!!

A book can put us in the time-machine. It can take us to the ancient world or can open the visions of the future. Through books, we can contact the great minds of the past and the present. Thus books can broaden our mind and gladden our heart. We see into the secrets of life and universe in the books on science, religion and literature.

We love books for all these reasons. But there are numerous books. We do not have enough time and energy to read all these books, As a result, we need a choice of books. We know, good books ennoble our minds, while bed books pollute it. Our time is precious; we cannot waste it by reading trash. So we should read those books which may be our best companions, which can enlarge our vision and make our life more meaningful.