Essay on Vocational Education for Students

Vocational education is a training that enables a man to earn his bread by pursuing a profession in life. It is especially important in the context of the economic realities of the country at present. The problem of unemployment has assumed alarming situations. No government can provide employment to all unemployed youths. In all technically advanced countries like England, America, Russia, China, Germany, Japan-only a few are encouraged to go up for higher education in the general stream. The majority of young men have to attend a preparatory school and then some vocational schools. Under such circumstances, vocational education is preferable to the traditional one for a large section of the students of our country.

all men are not equally gifted, but the basic needs of all men are the same. Hence our boys and girls should receive training in certain crafts according to their attitude and ability. There are so many branches of vocational education. Among them medicine, engineering and law are sophisticated branches and only the gifted ones can go through it. But there are other branches too for the common students such as—agriculture, horticulture, carpentry. pottery, tailoring, book-binding, spinning, weaving, dyeing dairy, poultry etc. These should be provided to such who have not much talent in general education. Such vocational training can afford greater employment opportunities and thus this will be a powerful means of utilising youthful energy and combating unemployment which is looming large in our country. It can be a means of a steady supply of skilled hands to different production centres as well as it can provide the scope for self-employment too.

Another thing may be done for our ordinary Arts and Science graduates. If our Arts ad Science colleges are partly vocationalised with paraprofessional courses like printing, tourism, photography, stagecraft, computer, commercial publicity, journalism etc., it will open new avenues of employment before them and save them from frustration. For all these reasons we need an extensive network of all sorts of vocational schools. But in our country, vocational education is yet to become popular and the scope is limited, compared with needs. Moreover, in a good system of vocational education, theory and practice must be combined. To ensure this, the theoretical classes can be held in a school or a college and can be supplemented by a course of practical training in a factory or a firm.

It is true that unfortunately even some branches of vocational education are not up to the mark in manpower recruitments and hence unemployment has appeared even among vocationally trained students. So there should be reality-based planning of vocational education as per requirements which may be different in different States. Still, we must admit that there is a wider scope for expansion of centres of vocational education even in upper classes of High and Higher secondary schools in our country. The government should, therefore, take more effective steps to establish different grades of institutes for the students of different levels for their vocational education. And for that, there should be some ITs not only in the cities but also in the district and even in the Block level of the country.