Essay on Urban Explosion for Students

Everything in this world has its own merits and demerits. Nothing is perfect in this world. Perfection lies only in God. So, town life and country life have also their own advantages and disadvantages. Things, pleasures scenes, entertainments and recreations which one finds in cities are not available in the country side and vice-versa. The basic problem of India is the problem of rural reconstruction. India is essentially a land of villages. So it may be said that India will rise or fall with the rise and fall of her villages. But unfortunately, the villages are in a declining state even today. The urban explosion has caused problems at the present time.

People in towns or cities enjoy many advantages. They have well-lighted roads, cheap public conveyances and at a small expense can enjoy theatres, cinemas, concerts and clubs. But citizens always lose their touch with nature. They miss the delicate beauty of fields and woods. But today village life is not yet improved much. The exodus from villages still continues unabated. Most of the village roads are still in decay, village ponds wilted and full of weeds. The cottage industries which provide employment to the farmers during the lean periods are also in a state of decay.

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The farmers still use the back-dated method of cultivation. On the whole, there is nothing in village life which can allure the people. At present, the people of the village are creating an urban explosion in search of work.

How to brighten village life is, therefore, the question. ‘Back to the village’ should be our slogan. But unless the villages where the bulk of the population live, are improved, no one will feel tempted to go back to villages. It is, however, of no use to cry downtown life and praise the severe ills of the village. The spread of urban civilization is a living reality of modern times.

The natural beauty of village life is to be perfected by the manifold facilities of town-life. A large scale programme for the uplift of rural areas is the urgent need of the hour. Country-life is to be made truly enjoyable by the great blessings of town-life. Qualified doctors should be encouraged to settle down in villages and health-centres and maternity homes should also be set up. Good roads should be constructed to facilitate easy transport cottage industries should be revived and agriculture which is the main occupation of the village people should also be modernized. All these will strengthen the rural economy and make villages not only habitable but also attractive. It is hoped that if all these are done perfectly, the village people will not be tempted to go to towns. Thus the towns and cities will not be over-crowded and there will be no acute problem of space; otherwise, there will be an urban explosion and anti-social activities will increase.