Essay on United States of America for Students

The United States of America (USA) is the world’s fourth-largest country. It stretches across North America between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It covers an area of 9,826,675 sq km. No other country in the world contains so much variety within its borders, from the ice-bound lands of Alaska and scorched deserts of the most south to the wide plain in the Midwest and subtropical forests of the south-east.

Two great mountain chains dominate the east and the west of the USA. In the east, the Appalachian Mountains are low and covered with forest. To the west, the Rocky Mountains are much higher, with many peaks reaching over 4,000 metres. Between the two ranges, massive plains extend across the centre of the country. The northern and central parts of the plains are known as the Midwest. Drought is a problem in the north of this region. However, much of the area is fertile farmland, watered by major rivers such as the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio. These rivers are the part of a water drainage system that includes the five Great Lakes in north-east. Among them, Lake Superior is the largest body of fresh water in the world.

The total population of the USA is 31,38,47,465 as of 2012. And the population is no less varied. Although the major portion from England, people from all over the world have made their homes in this country, bringing with them many different religions, customs and languages. However, the main languages are English and Spanish, and main religions are Protestant, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Sunni Muslim and Jewish.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President is the famous figure who struggled against apartheid and abolished the system of slavery in the USA. Obama is now the black President of the White House, the Presidential abode.

The economy of the USA mainly depends on agriculture, poultry, dairy, oil industry and exports. The main agriculture products are wheat, com, fruits, vegetables and cotton. The main items of exports are aircraft, vehicles, chemicals, coal machinery including weapons and oil. The currency of the USA is the US dollar.

IOWA’s rich soils provide a fertile base for the State’s traditionally agricultural economy. IOWA ranks among the top three states in the value of its agricultural exports. Unfortunately, however, recent United State’s farming trends indicate a move toward large commercial farms and machines replacing manual labour, with a resulting decline in employment. However, the USA is still the richest country in the world, and the superpower.

The government of the USA is the presidential form of multi-party Republic. The country is divided into 50 States. Two of these are isolated from the rest-Alaska which is on Canada’s western edge, and Hawai, a chain of tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean. The USA is ruled according to its famous Constitution, a document setting out how the country is governed. It allows individual States to make some of their own laws. This helps to give each State its own special character. However, the White House is the President’s house and office in Washington, the capital city. New York, Chicago and Boston are some other important cities in the USA.

Hollywood, a part of Los Angeles, and a Southern California megapolis is the film capital of the United States for more than a century. Although many films are made on location in other places, the movie industries remain centred in Hollywood where much of the nation’s talent and many motion picture studies are concentrated.