Essay on Tourist Spots in Tripura

Tripura is a small Indian state in the comfortable coasts of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides. It is a small state but its smallness is mainly in its size and its population, but not in varieties of nature.

In fact, it is a wonderland of natural beauty with its sounding cataracts, deep valleys, evergreen forest, running streams and rivers. Its forests also abound in wild animals like elephants, leopards, bears wolves, flying squirrel, water birds, deer, monkeys and apes. Apart from natural beauty, Tripura is also famous for its architectural beauties of the historical buildings, temples and the sculptures on their walls.

The dense wilderness of the forests provides relief and release from the feelings of the boredom of dull day to day life.

It attracts the tourists to have an enjoyable outing amidst the woody greenery. They can also have nice boating at moonlit nights of the rippling rivers like the Gomoti, the Bhairabi, the Dhalai, the Sonai, the Khowai, the Harlow, the Fenni, the Bijay, the Deo, the Juri, the Longai etc.

One can enjoy the beauty of temples and palaces of Tripura. There are temples of Tripureswari at Matabari, ‘Kasba Kalibari’ on the bank of Kamalsagar Lake, ‘Mahadeb bari’ in Udaypur and “Lakshminarayan bari’ in Agartala. The ruins of Jagannath temple is also an attractive tourist spot.

But the greatest attraction for the tourist’s spot is the ‘Unakoti’ ruins beside the river Gomoti. Thousands of statues of the gods and goddesses are carved out on the stones of the hills by devoted unknown sculptures.

Though they are mostly broken by the ravages of time, they do not lose their attraction for the tourists. The famous palaces ‘Ujjayanta’, ‘Nuyungma’, ‘Haveli Museum’ and ‘Neermahal’ also offer magnificent sights till today.

In spite of having so many tourist spots, Tripura remains somewhat neglected for inadequate traffic system. Recently the problem of terrorism has raised its ugly head. The government should take adequate steps to overcome these hurdles to make Tripura a must on the map of tourism.

Nowadays tourism has turned to be a profitable industry all over the world and Tripur a should take the opportunity of expanding it in order to strengthen the economic development of the State.