Essay on the Prize Giving Ceremony of Your School

The prize-giving ceremony is the most enjoyable day in our school life not only for the prize-winners but also for the others. The classes are off, and the joy of the day overflows the whole atmosphere of the school which is different from the other routine-bound hours. It is the day of the days for the students.

Last year the prize-giving ceremony was held on the 15th of May. It was a gay day for all of us. A busy morning was spent in decorating the school building. The main gate looked beautiful with the emblem ‘The Prize Giving Ceremony Day’ on a coloured cloth. The campus was bright with flags and flowers and coloured paper chains. The dais was beautifully decorated, as if, to welcome the guests and the participants, adding a grand and colourful look to the scene on the occasion.

The function started at 3 pm and lasted for 3 hours. We look at our seats half an hour before the start of the prize-giving ceremony. The time was long enough for us to remain calm and quiet and the teachers had a difficult job in keeping us quiet. There were volunteers too, but we felt the need to control the volunteers too.

The BDO was invited to honour the chair of the President, and the Principal of the local college was invited as the Chief Guest in the function. The guardians of the students and many respectable gentlemen came to attend the ceremony. The President and the Chief Guest came just in time. The Headmaster and Secretary cordially received them at the gate and escorted them to the dais while we stood-up and kept cheering. When the President and the Chief Guest took their chairs, the committee members and other respectable guests also took their seats on the dais. The chairs of the President, the Chief Guest and the special guests were formally announced and greeted with the garlands.

The function started with an opening song sung by a student. There were recitations, songs and the drama in which as many as thirty students took part. As soon as the recitations and songs were over, the Headmaster read out the Annual Report describing the work and the progress of the school in various directions. Towards the end, we felt the proceedings somewhat boring. But we felt encouraged at the short but neat speech of the Chief Guest and the President. After that, the distribution of prizes started. Prizes were first given to those who achieved notable results in the Annual and Board examinations and next, to those who excelled in games and sports and songs and recitations. The Headmaster advised us not only to improve our academic performances, but also to improve our skill in sports and games, and cultural sides. Then the closing song was sung and the function came to an end with a vote of thanks to the President, the Chief Guest and all other visitors.