Essay on the most Memorable Day in my life

Human life is a mixture of weal and woe, smiles and tears. However. sometimes a day comes that bears a special significance all along with one’s life. And in my case what had promised to be a memorable day turned to be the saddest day of my life.

The awful examination was over and we were as free as birds. We planned for a picnic with all our classmates accompanied by our class teacher.

We decided to go to the Botanical Gardens and our picnic spot was on the bank of the Ganga. After getting the various things which would be needed for our picnic we started early in the morning on the appointed day. We reached there at about 11 a.m. and, after the cooking was completed, we made up our mind to take a bath in the Ganga. Our class-teacher warned that only those who were expert in swimming would be allowed to bathe in the river. We listened to him and only those who knew swimming went to the river to have a bath. Sourav, our youngest classmate, did not know how to swim. But he came unnoticed and tried to imitate us in the river. And it happened what was feared. Sourav was drowned. We tried to rescue him but in vain. A number of young men of other picnic parties and some boatmen started looking for the boy. After a long search, we recovered the body. The sight made us dumb and tears trickled down our cheeks.

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After the formalities to be observed at this stage in the nearest police station, we were allowed to leave the spot. While returning home, we talked about the mishap. The day that promised to be joyful and happy turned into an unforgettable experience — the saddest day of my life — A memorable day in my life — and the horrible sight still haunts me whenever I am alone.