Essay on Terrorism In India

The literal meaning of the word ‘terrorism’ is “the use of violence and intimidation, especially for political purposes.” But nowadays terrorism is being used as a tactics for various types of purposes all over the world. We see that through terrorism individuals or groups or communities are applying violent actions against innocent people to elicit their support or compel the government to yield to their demands, however anti-national or anti-constitutional they may be.

Such violent tactics are sometimes adopted by criminals for personal gains when a child or a woman is kidnapped and kept for ransom. Sometimes it is in the form of hijacking of aeroplanes, sabotage, murder of political leaders or shooting down innocent people or blasting bombs in a train or a bus or a crowded area like railway stations, supermarkets etc. In our country terrorism has been causing an alarming situation in the States of Punjab, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and also in Tripura. The most heinous and inhuman form of such terrorism was seen when the twin-towers in New York were demolished on 11th September, the Assembly House at Srinagar and the Parliament House in New Delhi were attacked on 1st October and 12th December, respectively. The American Centre in Kolkata was also attacked on January 22 and some policemen were also killed by the terrorists. It is a matter of great regret that in spite of international resolutions and conventions, some countries have been supporting these terrorist activities. Pakistan almost openly operate terrorism in Kashmir and the ISI is still pushing the dreadful terrorists in our land and they indulge in killing innocent people.

Sometimes regional terrorism occurs on certain fancied or real cause of grievance fanned by the frustrated politicians. As a result, social unrest spreads in the territory and economic development is also hampered. Though all attempts must be made to curb terrorism by enforcing law and order through military and paramilitary forces, public cooperation and negotiations should also be done simultaneously to bring the terrorists to the mainstream of national life. Besides, some international efforts should also be taken with utmost sincerity to put an end to such inhuman practice of terrorism.