Essay on Sex Education in Schools for Students

Sex education to the boys and girls in school is an imparting debatable issue in India today. In advanced countries, it is becoming included in the curriculum of the school for the teenagers. And now it is going to be introduced in India too. Of course, there are arguments for and against it.

Sex is the most important organic part of human life. It is the root of the cycle of life. But there are dangers from ignorance. The most alarming danger is AIDS carried through HIV. It is such a virus that destroys the system of the body and kills the person surely and silently. AIDS is not an infectious disease. It happens only through sexual intercourse or blood transmission. In our society nobody helps Aids-victimised persons, rather, they are hated by everybody. Moreover, out of excessive curiosity and without knowing what is what, the school-going boys and girls may be involved in sex and repent after that. Some of them are sexually victimised by the elders or neighbours which brings misery afterwards.

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The right period of sex education is the adolescent period when the boys and girls begin to be curious about this sudden change in their body and mind. Some feel curious as to how he or she was born and what is the secret of the mechanism of such birth. The charm of romance and mixing with opposite sex leads their curiosity to have sex, and thus they are greatly affected both physically and mentally. Children sometimes fear to ask their parents, but open their mind to their friends and get the wrong information. On the other hand, they are badly fed with sex and violence through some hot scenes on TVs and films which make impacts on their young mind.

It is very unfortunate that Indian parents do not become friendly to their children on many occasions, especially those which are related to sex in any way. It should be the duty of parents to make their children aware of sex in their adolescent period. They should tell them this is a natural thing, and in this way, they can protect their children from doing the immoral act.

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Now the educationists have come forward to formulate a course of sex education of scientific method. Teachers will impart the sex education advising its uses and abuses. Some people think that this will vulgarise the institution, and some others are in favour of such education to make the adolescents aware of sex getting free from the dangers of ignorance.

However, sex education in school should be limited with a balance of proper requirements. It is especially urgent because we see sexual atrocities are increasing day by day even by the minors in our society.