Essay on Proper Use of Time for Students

Proper use of time essay — “Awake, arise, and stop not till the goal is reached.” — Swami Vivekananda. Life is a bundle of moments. A moment lost is lost forever. Actually, time and tide wait for none. But many of us are apt to forget that in our life every moment is precious, as life is short and quite uncertain. We do not know when we shall be called off from this world by death. If we waste the precious hours of our life in idleness or frivolities, we reduce the time to work available to us, and success will be difficult to achieve.

Time in infancy and early childhood is spent mostly on playing and sleeping. But from later Childhood, we have to respond to duty’s call in gradual degrees. The young man, who is afraid of work, and idles away his time, is sure to find himself in later years a burden to himself and to others. Of course, we need leisure and pleasure. But that should be balanced with duties. If a student neglects his lessons, he will surely cut a sorry figure in the exams. Friendship and free discussion in various useful matters are good and profitable. But when you are engaged in idle gossip, you should know that you are spending your time without any benefit to yourself. If you spend time in speaking ill of others, or by aimlessly strolling about with nothing-to-do companions, you are not only losing your precious time but you are also doing mischief to others. That time could be profitably employed in improving your own health and mind. The habit of reading books is good. But reading trash or worthless books is of no use. In the modern age, the computer and the internet have taken a great place in our life and culture. But that too should not be abused by being involved in too much chatting, games or hacking devices.

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Some people say that they get no time for doing their duties. In most cases, they use it as an excuse and deceive themselves. If they are punctual and industrious, they will find time for everything. In fact, the busiest man also can find his leisure because he does his work regularly, and what he can do today he does not put it off till tomorrow. We can find a lesson from great men’s life in this regard. History tells us that men who have left their footprints on the sands of time were all men who made proper use of time.