Essay on Problem of Brain Drain in India

Brain drain means the migration of highly qualified experts like doctors, engineers, scientists and other trained persons from the under-developed countries to the advanced countries. More or less, all the backward countries are suffering from his problem. India is also suffering from this brain-drain seriously at the present moment.

Thus brain drain is a direct loss, of trained experts in many fields, to the under-developed and poor countries. On the other hand, it is a net gain to the advanced countries. According to a UNO report every year thousands of experts are migrating from backward countries like India to highly advanced countries like USA, Canada, U K., West Germany, etc. The under-developed countries are spending millions of rupees on the training of these experts. But the advanced countries are utilising their services without spending a single penny on their training.

Every year, thousands of highly talented doctors, engineers, scientists, and other intellectuals leave India and migrate to foreign countries. They generally go to U.S.A., U.K., Canada, West Germany, etc. for monetary gains and facilities for higher research. According to an estimate every year, nearly 20.000 Indians go to foreign countries from India. Out of these nearly 90 per cent are science students. As pointed out by the UNO report, the U.S.A. is the biggest gainer from the loss of India due to brain-drain.

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Most of the students who go abroad for higher studies do not return to India. After seeing the affluent life of foreign countries they lose all interest in their own country which is quite poor. Nearly 1000 Indians are teaching at various U.S. universities and other institutions of higher learning. Some of these Indians are placed on quite lucrative añd high posts like Heads of Department, Deans, Professors, etc.

There are so many causes of this brain drain in India. Firşt of all, there is the unemployment problem. Even a talented person like Hargobind Khurana could not get any job while he was in India. But as soon as he became a Nobel Laureate, everybody tried to adopt him and award honours to him. India is also lacking in facilities for higher research work. The top appointments are quite a few in India. Thus the talented experts like to seek new pastures abroad.

There is another attraction of leading a higher standard of living in foreign countries because the technical experts and intellectuals are given special facilities there. In foreign countries, there is the advantage that while learning a person can also earn his own living. Stipends in foreign countries are sufficient enough. A frugal Indian student living there can also save something to send home.

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There is no doubt that India is having vast natural and manpower resources. If both these resources are put to the maximum utilization astounding advancement can be achieved in all fields. These technical and other talented persons whom we lose every year can greatly help in the development of our natural resources. The government must take speedy steps to lure back home these talented sons of India who are living abroad. These experts can surely help in making India a great power in the world.

In this connection, even the people should also come forward and cooperate with the Government in solving this problem. The parents of the students should not encourage them to go abroad and settle there even if they are paid high salaries. The leaders and Ministers should set their personal examples by stopping their children from going and settling abroad.

The doctors, engineers and scientists are a duty to their motherland. Our nation is spending huge amounts of money on their training. These people should not betray their own nation by serving scientists and technicians are devoted to the cause of rebuilding our nation. The country has already achieved nuclear status as well as become a space power. There are enough opportunities for all the Indian scientists and engineers settled abroad if they come back to India. They should play an important role in the future progress of our country and share the honour of participating in this sacred task.

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There is no doubt that India is bound to become one of the most industrialised and scientifically advanced countries in the world. Let every Indian scientist, engineer and technician share the privilege of participating in the noble task of nation-building. Thus they can earn the gratitude of their people.