Essay on Newspaper for Students and Children

A good newspaper gives us the correct news of the events and incidents of the modern world. It seeks to enlighten all kinds of people – scholars, politicians, merchants, educationists, scientists, agriculturists and all. It is, as it were, a dish of varieties.

The scholars seeking knowledge find a lot of interesting news printed on the columns of a newspaper. The politicians all over the globe compare notes and the current political affairs of the world. The merchants dealing in different commodities can make a proper estimate of the world market from the reports published in its columns. Educational problems are discussed in newspapers and these discussions provide a clue to educationists to solve their individual problems.

Newspapers have become the best media of communication between government and the people. A government generally acquaints the people of a country with its administrative principles and schemes of action through the pages of newspapers. The people also take the help of newspapers to give vent to their grievances. They also mobilise public opinion against the vagaries of a government in respect of a certain policy through the medium of newspapers.

The newspaper is a great educator. It educates the masses in all matters of public interest. It caters to our news from the different parts of the world and places before us the views of the great men of the world in order to shape our own policies in the light of those opinions. In this way, newspapers help people informing their opinions on the burning topics of the day.

The newspaper is used as a handmade to the expansion of trade and industry. Merchants and businessmen take the help of the columns of a newspaper to insert different kinds of advertisements to make their commodities known to the world market. This enables them to push their respective goods to the farthest corners of the world.

The newspaper is a power in a state to reckon with and it is a potent source of mass education and government criticism. So the government of every country has its own newspapers which help to shape public opinion through a sort of political education.

Newspapers are a great source of information that may be available at home. Everyone should learn the habit of reading newspapers in their life. In today’s digital world, an online source of information is readily available, but the reliability and reliability of such information are unknown. This is a newspaper that provides us with accurate and verified information. Newspapers are permanent because they were able to earn people’s trust through their reliable information. In social terms, the newspaper plays an important role in educating and maintaining the moral state and harmony of society to a greater extent.