Essay on My Favourite Season Spring

Nature adorns West Bengal with a garland of six seasons in a cyclic order and in that cycle spring comes last. It occupies a unique position in the playground of Nature and for that reason, I like spring the most.

It spreads for two months— ‘Falgun’ and ‘Chaitra’ i.e., mid-February to mid-April. However, spring is the loveliest of all seasons and hence it is called ‘the king of seasons’.

After the cold spell of winter passes away, spring appears and everybody welcomes it. Nature seems to adorn the earth with green leaves and lovely flowers. Tender leaves shoot out from bare branches of the trees. Spring touches every blade of grass with a lively verdant green that covers the fields. The sweet scent of flowers spreads all around and the drowsy murmur of the bees is heard in honeycombs in every forest nook. A gentle breeze blows all day long and the birds fly merrily in the blue sky. Above all, there is the cuckoo, the messenger of spring, whose sweet voice spreads a thrill of joy in every human heart.

In this season the day is sunny but there is neither the scorching heat of summer nor the biting cold of winter. Moreover, ‘Holi’ or ‘Doljatra’, the festival of colour or youthful joy and merriment, is also observed in this season. It has also got a religious touch of Radha-Krishna, the deities of divine love.

Spring is really the season of youth and I think most people like it most. Spring wins our heart with its manifold charms. No one can overlook its wealth of natural beauties and its pleasant climate, its vegetation and blossoms. Poets feel especially inspired and even the common people pose to be poetic in this season. Indeed, no one can ignore the magic spell of spring.