Essay on My Favourite Hobby

A hobby is a man’s favourite subject which he follows not because it is his main business but because it gives him pleasure. In fact, it is the way of using one’s leisure with pleasure, and sometimes it adds to his knowledge too, It does not allow a man to be idle in his leisure hours. We cannot deny that bound by duties we feel boredom. And in that case, blessed is a man who has such means of escaping from the drudgery of daily routine. Happy is the man whose hobby is his profession!

A hobby is extremely personal. There are many types of hobbies—stamp collecting, coin collecting, painting, taking photographs, rearing birds, catching fish, etc. Men take to these hobbies according to their likings.

My favourite hobbies are gardening and stamp collecting—one is my weekday hobby, and another my Sunday hobby.

Gardening requires some knowledge of flowers and plant life. It is a sort of physical exercise too to improve one’s health. A flower garden with blooming flowers is a very pleasing sight to all, It gives joy to the man who owns it as well as to the others who see it. This hobby occupies a man’s mind so much that no evil thought can find room there.

Though there are some fashionable hobbies, I take to gardening as it is simple as well as pleasing. In my free time, I dig the land, sow the seeds and water the plants in my garden. It involves hard work, but it is not tiring, because it is love’s labour. I feel that the plants and flowers are no mute insensate things. They have a language of their own which I understand. Although a hobby is a source of pleasure, not of profit, my hobby combines the two, as a part of my garden serves as a kitchen garden.

On Sundays, I give time to stamp collecting, as I am very fond of collecting postage stamps. My father works in a merchant office. They have to correspond with firms in different countries of the world. So he gets postage stamps of different countries. I have also other sources of getting stamps. Some of my friend’s exchanges stamps with me when we get some duplicate stamps in our collection. I have got an album to preserve the stamps.

I arrange the stamps that I get and stick them in their proper places. I have now a very good collection of stamps. There are some very rare stamps among them. At present, its value is very great. I purchase stamps at times from dealers in old stamps. I have already got stamps of many countries of the world. The collector of stamps is called a philatelist. This hobby has increased my knowledge of history and geography very much. Now I know the names of countries which were formerly unknown to me. In the stamps of many countries, there are pictures of special things of interest. From an Australian stamp, I have known that the kangaroo is a peculiar animal of the country. From an Egyptian stamp, I have come to know that the famous pyramids are situated in Egypt. We can also know the names of many kings and famous persons of different countries. Since the independence of India, many new postage stamps have been and are being issued by our government to commemorate many memorable occasions. We can learn many things from those stamps. We know many famous persons of the world, including some kings of England who had this hobby of collecting postage stamps.

So, I think, every man should have a hobby of his own. Some people wonder why I have chosen gardening and stamp collecting as my hobby when there are so many fashionable hobbies. Frankly speaking, nobody knows why he has chosen his hobby. Possibly his character draws him to it, for a hobby is an index to a man’s character.

Finally, I should say that a hobby should never be an obsession, so that it may not make a man unmindful of his duties or responsibilities. Sometimes, some hobbies like playing cards or fishing become such obsession, though it is said that they train a man in his skill and patience. We should remember that too much of everything is bad, and so a hobby should be taken as a walking stick, not a crutch to lean on.