Essay on My Ambition in Life for Students

The word ‘ambition’ means an ardent desire for gaining a distinction. Hence by ‘ambition’ people often feel an urge to beat others in the competition by any means. In that sense, I must admit, I have no ambition. I do not want to beat others. I want only to excel by some fixity of purpose in life. And for that, one should have an aim in life, as we know, an aimless man is like a ship without a rudder. According to Milton, ambition tends to impel man to noble efforts.

My ambition in life is to make myself a ‘man’ in its true sense and to be able to do some good to my motherland in my humble way. In my childhood, I used to think that the best thing one might do was to earn immense wealth and to build with that wealth as many charitable hospitals as possible for the relief of poor ailing people in our villages. Now, as much as I gather experience about the condition of my countrymen. I have come to know that the ever-increasing health-hazards, diseases, epidemics and deaths are due to the appalling poverty and ignorance of the people. So in order to do any good to them, the root of all their sufferings must be rooted out at first. My aim in life, therefore, is to do, as much as possible in my humble power, to spread education among the masses.

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Having finished my formal education, I shall commence work in my native village in that direction. If I am sincere, I believe, I’ll be able to attract a number of young workers in this noble effort. If I thus succeed in imparting primary education to every boy and girl including the illiterate adults in my village, the example will inspire the young men of other villages and in this way, the whole community of unemployed youths who do not find any work may take a lesson therefrom not only to wait and wait for getting a job but to create it. However, my aim in life may not be too high from the traditional angle of vision of our people, and it may or may not be fulfilled; but I like to preserve it leaving consequences to God. Here I may recall the words of Shakespeare-It is better to have fought and lost than never to have fought at all.