Essay on Mother Nature for Students

Man and nature have always been one. Once upon a time, when people still lived in caves, they were more influenced by the power and power of mother nature. Unaware of the basic laws of nature, they were afraid of rain and lightning, worshipped the wind and the sun, asked for help from the water and deified various natural phenomena. Then people were more natural, cleaner, but we can say that they were less educated.

But time passed, people explored science, watched natural phenomena and after centuries were no longer afraid of lightning, their thunder was no longer so scary. People boldly went out to meet nature, until they began to learn to exterminate. They began to cut down forests, build road fields on the ground, and dry swamps. They rudely intervened in the life and functioning of nature, crippled their mother. But they could not otherwise – humanity is developing, it requires progress and scientific development. Therefore, people supposedly had to take this step. But mother nature is powerful and strong. It withstands all these blows of mankind, although our detrimental influence affects it: the climate changes and gets lost, from time to time people are overtaken by natural disasters and cataclysms. Nature resists and wants to cast her voice, say: “My children, I am alive!”.

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Nature is our mother. And not only because we are also a part of the living world. But because the ancients would not be able to build today’s life without nature. She gave us food, shelter, warmth and love. People learned to grow edible plants, nature helped them to note what they can eat and what is not worth it. People hunted animals, ate meat. By its conditions, rain and sun, nature (composition)fed the results of the labour of human hands. Like a real mother, she gave rain when it was necessary and warmed by the sun, as the need arose. Nature gave people the first clothes and the first housing. And then man disowned nature. Accepting her own nature, she stopped giving in return. Having cut down a tree, not everyone will plant a new one. Take for example a Christmas tree – it takes at least a dozen years for the Christmas tree to grow properly, and people chop them with thousands for a holiday, and after a few weeks, they only decorate the local landfills lost. A person can be compared with a child. When a child is small, he requires a mother’s care, but when children grow up, they immerse themselves in their life and often forget that the mother also requires attention, gratitude and love. So it is with nature – she gave her care.

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Mother nature will live forever, I’m sure. But humanity will live forever in the midst of nature – this is another question. The issue that mother nature will decide.