Essay on India of My Dreams for Students

India has made amazing progress during the last fifty years. In this progress continues, small wonder that India will be one of the greatest countries, if not the greatest. India is our homeland. The homeland of my dreams. India is a united country even though there are many nations in our country. Different nations have invaded my country at different times. Yet India is the birthplace of my dreams.

A vision of India’s greatness has always haunted me. India of my dreams will be a democracy in which everyone above eighteen will have the right to vote. The Parliament manned by sober and reasonable persons will argue and discuss matters dispassionately. Logical thinking and sweet reasonableness will be the order of the day. The present malady of processions and demonstrations strikes and fasts unto death will never be heard of. The foundations of democracy will thus have been well and truly laid. Indians will be inspired by a vision of common nationhood. Regionalism, factionalism, linguistic or territorial patriotism will be things of the past. From Kashmir to Kerala, from Assam to Maharashtra the same feeling of ardent patriotism will feel every heart. When a nation of one hundred thirty crores thinks and feels and acts as one person, what wonders can it not achieve?

With this solidarity as her backbone, our country will occupy an exalted status in the comity of nations. Other countries will look up to India for help and guidance. She will be their guide, philosopher and friend.

In the field of agriculture, India will have grown self-sufficient. No longer will her representatives go about with begging-bowls in their hands entreating this country and that for food. Her population will have come one hundred thirty crores and she will grow enough for her children. An adequate and balanced diet will be guaranteed to all — hunger, starvation, famines will have disappeared never to return.

In the field of science, India will March shoulder to shoulder with the advanced countries. She will be in possession of nuclear power but she will use it for constructive purposes – a policy to which she is wedded even today.

In the social sphere, India will have rooted out untouchability and segregationalism. The dignity of every human being will be a sacred trust for the nation. Casteism will be a thing of the past. There will be perfect equality between the sexes. Women will enter every profession and march shoulder to shoulder with men. Old and antiquated customs will have disappeared.

Streets, fields, Mountains and shopping centres at all the tourist-spots would be beautified. Foreigners will return to our beautiful places again and again, which will help us gain valuable foreign currency, besides our strengthening the ties of friendship with other countries.

It will be a great and glorious India, the dream of Gandhi, the vision of Nehru and the ideal of Shastriji.