Essay on How to Spend Holidays

Essay on how to spend holidays — Holidays are days of recreation and rest. We work hard during the working days of the school or college or the working place. Our brain is taxed. And, for that, short holidays and long holidays or vacations are arranged in our work schedule.

We welcome holidays to recharge our batteries of both our body and mind. We should note that rest and idleness are not the same things. It is true that we are not to follow the dull routine of the school, college or office on the holidays. But we must spend such holidays profitably as well as pleasantly — short holidays for a short programme and long holidays or vacations for a long programme.

We may spend the holidays by exchanging greetings with friends, reading light literature, playing music, and visiting places of interest. As for students, they can keep a part of the time for making up arrears in their studies. They should not totally forget their books. If they do not touch their books during the holidays, it will be difficult for them to prepare their lessons. Hence they should revise their lessons during the holidays. Of course, they need not study much. They may read storybooks or travel books too. However, they should keep a balance of reading, rest, and recreation.

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A vacation may be best enjoyed by going out on pleasure trips. It will increase our knowledge and experience. The natural scenery and interesting sights will give us joy and a sense of relief and freedom from the bondage of our daily routine. In England and some Western countries, there is a practice of spending the ‘week-end’ on a short tour. And custom has also grown up of going out ‘hiking’. You take a few articles of clothing in a knapsack, throw it over your shoulder, and then march on, from village to village, or mountain to mountain, living just as naturally and simply as you can. It not only gives you the pleasure of sight-seeing but trains you to bear hardship with a cheerful mind. It is a part of our education.

Students can devote some time of their vacation to some social services. They can take part in literacy campaign for adult education and social and hygienic awareness in rural or slum areas. This will help the progress of the country as a whole.

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Holidays have a special charm of their own. If they are spent wisely, they refresh our minds, add to our joy, and greatly increase the capacity for our work.