Essay on Corruption in Public Life for Students

Corruption means getting something through unjustified means. It is a kind of moral degradation that leads to lies and deception. We know greed is the mother of corruption and it arises from our moral weakness. Corruption includes abuse of public money for private gains, nepotism, bribery and other offences. It becomes the unholy wedlock between the bribe-giver and the bribe-taker.

Corruption is a worldwide evil and it is now deep-rooted in almost every sphere of life. It was and it is and we come into contact with it every day. Some say that in our country corruption has increased like cancer after independence. According to the latest report, India is one of the 30 most corrupt countries in the world! Be it a government office or a private sector, we cannot get our work done without greasing the palms of the dealing persons. Men in power very often misuse their authority. Nowadays, politics is also based on money and muscle. Political parties take a forcible subscription for contesting elections. There is also the nexus between statesmen and big business companies.

Politics now stands criminalised. Political leaders often give shelters to the miscreants. They bestow undue favour in distributing license, contracts and permits. In our country, the system of controls and permits has become the fountainhead of corruption. Favours and other benefits are distributed among those who can give bribes. People give bribes to get their work done or to escape the law. Even honest citizens are sometimes bound to offer bribes to obtain essential service. The unemployment situations of our country tempt the unemployed persons to get a job by any unholy means and some people exploit their needs. Not only that, but it also creates such a situation that sometimes unworthy persons get jobs and worthy persons are deprived of it.

Corruption prevails in the lower rank and in high levels too. Sometimes the guilt is proved above board but the guilty escapes through the loopholes of the law. And thus it is spreading like an epidemic in public life and is continually eating up the vitals of our nation.

For corruption, work culture in our country has come to a low level, The workers and employees care little for their service rules. Sometimes the employees in the offices harass person without any reason. Even the students do not get their scholarship money in due time. The offenders often escape (go without any punishment) for their political shelter. For decades they have been trained to aim their guns at the employers. They neglect their duties and become vocal about their demands and rights but they care nought for their our efficiency, punctuality, and sincerity in work! They should remember that rights and duties are always under one umbrella.

In fact, corruption is a serious blow to our moral standards. Corruption is contagious. It has many facets. It comes out from the erosion of spiritual and moral values. It revolves in a cyclic order and, as a result, corruption breeds corruption. Of course, there is the law of the land to deal with it. But the loophole lies in the procedure of application of the law. In such cases, strong public contempt should be aroused against the corrupt, to the extent of social boycott. Nobody who has been accused of a prima facie corruption should be allowed to contest any election.

The way to fight against corruption is the strong will and determination of an individual and society at large. Moral education should be imparted in schools and colleges too. But the most effective way to fight against it is to grow social awareness that can protect us from the cancer of corruption in our country.