Essay on Choose a Profession for Students

In this vast world, obviously, there is no one who would not wish happiness. Everyone is running after it to get it. But happiness is not such a thing that can be achieved so easily. If we want this, we must think about how to choose a profession.

A man’s success in life always depends on a rightly chosen profession. But it is really very difficult to select the right calling in life. A choice has, however, to be made through the wrong choice of a profession oftener than not produces disastrous results.

In our complex society, the word ‘profession’ has a very elastic definition to suit the different needs of different people. The age-old professions of theology, law and medicine commanded great prestige in the past, but with the changing time, these professions have yielded place to various occupations suited to the different needs of the present-day complex society. There are indeed vocations that call for special training in different branches of knowledge.

There are men and women with different tastes and temperaments. Again, in qualities also they differ widely from one another. It is, therefore, evident that a particular calling may suit a particular man. If he does not get that particular job, he will prove a misfit for another and suffer a lot. One with an aptitude for the medical profession cannot shine as a barrister.

But the real difficulty lies in finding out the inclination of a particular man. The necessity of making a psychological survey of his nature comes up for consideration in such a case. We can determine the special aptitudes of persons through some approved psychological tests. Although the tests are not always infallible, we may make an approximate estimate of the aptitudes of a man through them and choose a profession for him. Poverty sometimes stands in the way of making the right selection of a profession. A poor student can hardly afford to wait for a long time to find a suitable job for himself. He accepts what he finds ready at hand to make both ends meet. He thus deprives himself of the possibilities of success in life.

All wise men think it essential for people to make a judicious selection of professions. The prosperity of a nation always depends upon every citizen doing his duties in right earnest for the common good of all. But the one thing that we must not lose sight of is that after we have made a choice, we must stick to it with dogged determination.