Essay on ‘Can we do away with party politics?’

The question remains unsettled whether students can away with party politics. Their first business — it is argued—is to study and politics can take care of themselves. But today students are not so passive docile as to listen to the same counsel of their elders and teachers. They may well question the judgement of their elders when they watch things as they are happening in the country. It is a game played by their elders too, and why should they keep clear of it?

Students of today are Pillars of society. They are the citizens of tomorrow, Much can be said in support of the view that students should not do away with politics. When the people of the country are waking up and becoming politically conscious and demanding their rights, it cannot be expected that students, should keep out of politics and pursue only bookish knowledge. They are admonished to be good boys, attending to nothing else than to their studies. History says that students were once drafted into the national liberation movement. It is not a forgotten memory yet. Nor can it be conveniently ignored that students have always taken a leading part in the national liberation movement in any country. Now they are told by many that they should keep out of politics.

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But man is a political animal. Why should a student then be barred from politics? Mere theoretical study of politics is of little value when it has nothing to do with life. Today so many issues are covered by politics—civic rights, health, education, employment, trade, commerce, and defence. Politics may be said to be coextensive with life. And students who are going to be the future citizens of the country should not do away with politics. Politics will bring them into actual contact with problems which they may be called upon to solve in later life. Of course, they should not be carried away by it. They should realise their added duties and responsibilities in the changed political context of India.