Essay on An Ideal Student

Student life is the seed-time of life. It is free from worries and anxieties. But it has its own duties and responsibilities. An ideal student must attend to them. Otherwise, he fails in his academic life and later life too. “The path of duty is the way to glory”, said the poet Tennyson.

At this time, an ideal students mind is like wet clay. As the potter makes various pots with this clay, our mind can also be shaped in different ways, especially in this sensitive period. Hence, an ideal student should first look to himself to build his character, and then his career to be a precious member of his family and society.

The primary duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. But that knowledge should comprise not only bookish learning but all-round development of the three ‘H’s—head, heart and hands. Only such education can form the character of a student. At first, he has some duties to himself. He must form some good habits and lead a disciplined life. He must obey his parents and superiors at home and teachers in schools and colleges. He should imbibe certain qualities such as diligence and dutifulness, patience and perseverance, honesty and truthfulness, courage and containment without which success in its true sense cannot be attained in life.

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Besides these duties to himself, a student has some responsibilities to society. The vast section of our common people is still dipped in poverty, ignorance and superstition. It is a sacred responsibility of the students to serve the suffering humanity. In their spare time and especially during long vacations, they should go to their neighbourhood and teach the illiterate adults the three R’s, the rules of health and sanitation and the methods of scientific cultivation etc. In times of emergency such as flood and famine, they can take an active part in bringing relief to the sufferers. In times of normalcy, they can organise cultural functions for the poor villagers as we know that poverty is depressing but drudgery is killing. Thus the students can play a vital role in the society of which they are valuable members.

But they must not dabble in active politics which is mainly responsible for creating chaos and vicious atmosphere in the academic arena. Ideal Students are the future citizens of a country. So they should shape their way of life in such a manner that they may contribute to the crown and glory of the country. They must remember that student life is the time of preparation for the struggle ahead—not the time for actual struggle. A student who follows these general rules is an ideal student and he is sure to make his mark in life.