Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Cinema

Cinema or movies is one of the most beautiful wonders of science. It is a very popular source of recreation for the generality. It was invented by the famous American scientist Thomas Edison. The cinema/movies/films play a very important role in our educational, social, economic, political and moral life. Thus it has come to have an important place in our daily life. The film is an important topic among every boys and girl. Cinema has many advantages and disadvantages.

Both boys and girls, young and old, rich and poor, husband and wife like to see movies either on the television or at a cinema house. It is especially a madness among the students. The students will not go to their schools and colleges but visit the cinema halls to see noon-shows. On holidays there is a great rush of people belonging to all sections at the cinema hall in all cities.

India produces the greatest number of movies in the world. Thus films or cinema has become a part and parcel of our life. Indian film industry employs thousands of workers, technicians, musicians, distributors, producers, directors, actors and employment to a large number of persons. Indian films are also very popular in many other countries of south-East Asia and West Asia. They are also popular in many communist countries like Russia, China.

Cinema is really a very cheap source of entertainment for the common people. Every person can afford it by purchasing a ticket worth a few money. It gives mental relations to the persons who can have an escape from the worries of their life. We can find all sorts of people in the cinema houses, workers and mechanics, girls and boys, rich and beggars, husband and wife.

Cinema is also an important source of information and education for the community. It can teach about the different parts of the world without our physically visiting them. The documentary movies also increase our knowledge regarding the latest news and happenings in our country and abroad. We can see the scene of different cities and countries while sitting in the cinema halls.

The cinema can be a great source of education in a backward country like India. The cinema can teach a lot of things regarding political, social, moral and other problems to the masses. It can also impart knowledge to the students in school and colleges by showing them educational films. By showing them good films we can build their character and broaden their outlook. The impression created by the films is permanent. Therefore, it is essential that only good and constructive films should be shown to the students.

The cinema can bring about many changes in society. If social films showing the evils of drinking, dowry and large families are shown to the people, then these evils can be rooted out from our society. Similarly, the evils of the caste system and communalism can also be condemned in purposeful movies. All such films can go a long way in removing these evils. Cinema or films can also bring about national integration among the people by stressing the emotional unity among them. Similarly, through the films, we can teach people to be law-abiding, to keep our cities clean and how to fight against diseases.

But films can also do a lot of harm if cheap films showing violence and sex are made. As it is, most of the films produced by our producers are full of violence, underscores, rape scenes and cabaret dances. They have a very had influence on the young boys and girls especially the students. They mislead the students who want to imitate their favourite heroes and heroines.

Films showing theft, rape, robbery, cheating and murders have an adverse influence on the students and the youth of our country. They also acquired bad habits like drinking and gambling. Sometimes they learn the art of crime also from the movies.

It is, therefore, very essential that our government should adopt a very strict censor policy and should not allow the producers to produce such films as spoil the character of our youth. The films should be cleansed of these bad scenes showing rape, cabaret, cheating, drinking and gambling. There is no doubt that if decent and constructive films are produced they can bring about a revolution in our society. The films should also provide a message to our countrymen along with entertainment.