Country Life vs Town Life Essay

“God made the country and man made the town’, said William Cowper, a great English poet. This suggests the contrast between the two. Naturally, village life is simple and natural while town life is complex and artificial.

In comparison with village life, we must admit that towns afford more facilities for education, medical aid, recreation and various avenues of employment. Roads in towns are also good and conveyance is easy and cheap. But town life has its drawbacks too. A town is often over-crowded, highly congested and full of slums. Dust and smoke also pollute its air.

On the other hand, village life is free from most of these evils. Life in a village is quiet and peaceful. A village is also rich in beauties of nature. The vast field smiling with green crops is a feast for the eyes. A villager basks in the smiling sun and inhales the pure air. There one does not know what air-pollution or sound-pollution is. The glorious sunrise graces the mornings there and no less majestic is the sunset that decks the evenings. The riverbank lined with trees invites one for a stroll and to listen to the romantic murmur of the lively ripples. The sweet melody of the birds makes the air vibrant and the trees and plants laden with fruits and flowers present a lovely sight. The nocturnal passage of time is illuminated with the beacons of stars and the moon. There is no deafening din and bustle of the city here.

Apart from this, living in a village is cheap. One can have green vegetables, fresh fish and pure milk. Yet we must confess that most of the villagers even now have no basic amenities like good roads, tanks and tubewells, schools and hospitals and they helplessly suffer from malaria, cholera and other diseases without treatment or with ill-treatment.

But as the nerves of the country are spread in the villages, they should be protected at all costs. We should, therefore, do all that is needful to develop and brighten the village-life. We may quote here Longfellow: “The country is a lyric; the town is dramatic. When mingled, they make the most perfect musical drama.”