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What is Globules

Globules are round in shape, neither soft nor very hard, and easily soluble in water. These are frequently prescribed by the physician in dispensing the medicines. Source: It is prepared from — (i) Cane Sugar (mainly) (C12H22O11). (ii) Beet-root (15—25%) or sugar-beet. Preparation: By using rotating tube which contains granulated cane sugar. Rotation will be …

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Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Instruments and Appliances

A Pharmaceutical laboratory should be equipped with various kinds of utensils up-to-date instruments appliances. Mortar and Pestles (i) For pulverising hard substances such as, Kuchila seeds, well-polished mortar and pestles of Iron rather of steel are required. (ii) For soft substances — such as charcoal, fresh vegetable materials; mortars, and pestles made of porcelain with …

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