A rolling stone gathers no moss

A rolling stone gathers no moss” — It is a matter of common observation that a piece of stone lying in a marshy place for a long time gets covered with moss. But if it keeps rolling with the current, it gathers no moss.

The proverb figuratively means that a man who does not settle down to a fixed profession or occupation never gets success.

A plant removed from place to place can never thrive well. It is often found that the traveller who follows his course with determination will sooner reach the goal than one who always changes direction.

There is none so unlucky as the man who always changes his mind. He has no fixed principle of purpose. Like a weathercock, he turns with the wind. As a result, he will never attain success and become the victim of disappointment and discontent.

However, a modern writer says in the opposite way — a rolling stone gathers moss. In his opinion, a person who is not idly settled in one place, but seeks fortune in different fields may get some moss or prosperity in this or that place.