Write A Letter To The Editor Of A Local Newspaper

Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper commenting on the recent television shows, with specific reference to a popular programme.

The Editor
The Aajkaal

Dear Sir,
This is in connection to the recent shows and programmes on the television.

We keep complaining about the quality of reception on Doordarshan. But we are pleased to note that the live telecast of the Wills International Cup now in progress in Dhaka has brought bright pictures. The only complaint is the Hindi commentary. Given a choice between plain match descriptions in Hindi and the performance of former stars-turned-commentators in English, the choice is obvious. The trouble is that Doordarshan doesn't give viewers a choice.

One person who can hold the fort for any length of time on the small screen is Shekhar Suman. There are anchormen and quiz masters with a limited brief. Not this actor turned fun master who makes Made in India come alive with a stream of jokes. Quite intelligent stuff really and more remarkable because it comes week after week with unusual freshness. The big screen's loss has been television's gain. Not that Suman has given up acting. He is doing it all the time - only that he has mastered the art of comedy o whereas the cinema had offered him very limited opportunities.

It is not just a matter of preparing the script - a lot of homework is indeed necessary. More important is the style of presentation. Suman can put on a Gandhi cap to mock institutions without hurting anyone. He can have fun at the cost of different communities without appearing to be sound nasty. Above all he can sustain a level of taste without any intellectual pretensions.

Made in India is Doordarshan's answer to Sony's Movers and Shakers, more modest in its stage design, less ambitious in its production values but certainly very enjoyable, ideally slotted on a Sunday morning.
Yours truly
Shaubhik Gupta
BP 7, BP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar
West Bengal 700091