Write a letter to the editor about irregular bus service

[Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about irregular and inadequate bus service in your locality.]

The Editor
The Statesman

Sub : Irregular and inadequate bus service.

Dear Sir,
Through the columns of your daily, I wish to draw the attention of the transport authorities towards the hardships that the residents of Hariharpara, Murshidabad have been facing an account of inadequate and irregular bus services. Every morning a large number of commuters have to take buses at Hariharpara but stop to reach their respective places of work in different corners of the city. Besides, there is a large number of students who travel by bus to go to their schools and colleges. But the existing bus service is far from being adequate to meet their requirements.

Most of the buses that touch this stop, start from terminals in the colony. By the time they reach Hariharpara, the buses are already packed. The situation is worse at peak hours when most of the state buses do not even care to stop here. The introduction of a bus service from Hariharpara itself can save the people a lot of trouble.

Hariharpara (Murshidabad)
Yours, etc.,
Nilkantha Mondal