Essay on 'Youth Opportunities'

Now we live in a highly competitive and organized society. At the same time the fields of engagement are getting wider with the development of socio-economic condition of the country. Besides the traditional lines, this has created a variety of new opportunities for our young men and women. Thus the modern set-up has given a wide range of choice. The familiar lines have created many bylanes too. Thus a doctor may be specialised in heart, skin, eyes, car, nose and throat, etc. He or she may be a child specialist or gynaecologist. A lawyer can not only practise in a civil court or criminal court, but he can also specialise in income tax or sales tax, or company law, or labour disputes in industrial sector or TADA courts, in Consumers' Forum or Lok Adalat, as he may be interested according to his tendency and capacity.
Essay on youth opportunities
Teaching is a popular traditional line. Once the techers were not well-paid. Yet they were dedicated in building the nation. They thought their profession would give them more respect with less money. Now the scenario has been changed. They are now earning remuneration not so negligible.

Farming is also being developed. One can take it up by applying modern technology. One can be self-employed in the developed fields of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry, a dairy, etc.

If someone has a mechanical aptitude, he can train himself to be a technologist. Modern India has provided a large number of centres for teaching technical sciences. Besides the traditional civil engineering, a youngman can be an expert in jute technology or in ceramics or pharmceuticals, or in different branches of electrical or, mechanical, chemical metallurgical engineering or biotechnology. There is a rush in colleges for admission to the science courses where one gets the basic education that entitles one to get up to these technological institutes. With India's programmes for rapid inductrialisation, the demand for such technological skill car is growing more and more.

Another wide range of selection is open to the commerce graduate. They can go up for higher accountancy like costing and auditing, banking and insurance and statistics. Each of these departments needs the service of trained experts. Business Management is another lucrative line.

The civil services attract the brilliant and ambitious young men and women. Today, for most of the services, recruitment is undertaken through the Public Service Commissions on the basis of competitive examinations.

Apart from these familiar and common lines, one, if he is adventurous, can turn to the armed forces for a career. He can join the army, the navy, or the air force, or the ground army.

A new career is opportunities up in greater dimension in journalism and the diplomatic line. The country needs them and they too are recruited through competitive exams, having some bright political ground. Besides the national domestic services, there are the international spheres. The United Nations Organization (UNO) provides attractive scope for talented young men and women.

Music, theatricals and cinematograph have always been the scope of building careers. And with the invention and improvement of photography, sound technology and the electronic media like television and radio, fresh opportunities have been created for young men and women.

Sports is another attractive avenue with manifold scopes, such as football, cricket, tennis, chess, etc. As a profession they can provide both pleasure up and profit if one can rise to a remarkable height.

A recent statistics shows that the opportunities for women are also increasing day by day. Not only are they accepted and welcomed as teachers and office clerks, but they are finding other careers in increasing numbers. Now we have women lawyers, journalist, accountants, engineers, computer experts, air pilots and so on. Women are now emerging in political and diplomatic fields too.