Essay On 'Choice of Profession' or 'Choice of Career'

The success of a man's life depends on the wise choice of profession. However, to choose the right profession is not an easy task. We should mind that the shifting circumstances of the present-day society make some of the flourishing professions of today a dull and unprofitable one tomorrow.
Essay on choice of profession or choice of career
In the West the educational system is fairly job-oriented. The direction of the choice there is almost decided when a youngman opts for the type of school or training to which he will go. Here in India the case is quite different. Almost all the youngmen are provided a general stream, and when they come out, face a grave problem of unemployment. Even a student who chooses a science stream cannot decide whether he will be a theoretical scientist, or a medical man, or an engineer, or a technician. Lately however, counselling is being provided in some institutions. Career guide magazines P and bulletins too have become somewhat helpful. Yet when a youngman at the end of his school or college finds all avenues of employment congested or blocked, he feels depressed or frustrated. He goes about knocking from door to door and rolls from post to pillar and pillar to post for seeking a job. What is needed in these days is not luck but pluck and that can be done through right choice of profession or choice of career from the preparatory stage.

In choosing a profession what is first necessary is to know one's own taste and aptitude. Nothing is so distressful and disastrous as to force a youngman to be something for which he has no liking or inclination. Let him and his guardians study his aptitude, and choose the profession most suited to him.

A youngman must cease to be a romantic dreamer, and face the rugged realities of life. Of course, it is not that he should not have any dream. The fact is that he should chase his dream, but must not try to take any short cut.

Having chosen a profession, two things are necessary. First, he must ready to learn its secrets in a spirit of real devotion. If he wishes to be a trader, let him begin from the very beginning. If he wants to be a journalist, a medical man, a lawyer or an engineer, he must learn the essentials of success in his profession.

Secondly, he must be ready to adhere to the chosen profession and fight for it. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a drifting worker achieves a no success. With confidence in himself, he should apply himself to the task. Honest efforts are usually crowned with success.

However, the youngmen should be aware of exploitation all around with political pulls. This makes a choice difficult and success is often a gamble with chance.

There is a maxim "Every man is an architect of his life." Let every man adopt this to the motto of his life. Let him find his profession and build it up like an architect-brick by brick, with patience and perseverance. He should remember-great men are self-made men.